Ringier Hungary Kft. is one of the largest media companies in Hungary, which offers a wide range of popular brands on the domestic media market. While our digital content attracts around 4.2 million unique users per month, 1.3 million readers stick to our print media products month after month. We reach more than 2.5 million followers on the most popular social media platforms. Since our publishing house was founded in 1993, for more than thirty years, we have flexibly responded to the challenges and opportunities presented to us by the changing needs of readers and our operating environment. We have maintained our leading position in many market segments for decades. We are constantly expanding our business, increasing our reach, and continuing to provide our readership with quality content., one of the most visited domestic news sites, offers its readers an optimal balance of public news and entertainment content. Our daily newspaper, Blikk, has been the market-leading national daily newspaper for 20 years.

Our diverse and extensive range of magazines covers a wide range of topics. Classic favourites of our typically female readership are GLAMOUR magazine, the Kiskegyed and Blikk Nők women's weekly families, the digital channels of these brands, and, as well as the GLAMOUR Days coupon program, which has been running with unbroken success for 17 years.

From a global perspective, sports media is increasingly THE place where the sports audience, players and advertisers meet on the same platform. Ringier is investing in this highly attractive segment and aims to become a global leader by uniting leading digital sports media brands under the umbrella of the Ringier Sports Media Group. Currently, Ringier Sports Media Group has such brands in its portfolio as in Hungary, and sportal365 in Bulgaria, Gazeta Sporturilor in Romania, in Serbia, in Greece, in Slovakia and Pulse in Africa.


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